Performing Arts

Kerala boasts of a long tradition of performing and ritual arts. Religious and social history contributes in the origin of these arts and thus makes them a part of the social life of an average Malayali. The performing and ritual arts of Kerala are very much a part of the religious Festivals and social events. These arts are handed down generation after generation
The themes of these art forms are generally religious. Hence they tug the heartstrings of the common man. Traditionally these art forms were performed in temples or in social gatherings such as marriages, Festivals like Onam and Thiruvatirai etc. Some of these performances were night long events and hence led to social bonding and interaction. Many of these arts are dying out slowly, either due to the secrecy maintained in olden days, with regard to imparting them or due to a lack of interest and initiative on the part of the younger generations to learn these and keep them alive. The Government and other cultural organizations are working hard to keep the performing arts of Kerala thriving. Competitions are held, artists are provided for with pension and the artistry generally encouraged

Kathakali, literally meaning `story-play', is a dance-drama originated in the 17th century in Kerala, one of the smallest states in India
Mohiniyattam is a traditional Kerala dance. It is a very graceful dance meant to be performed as a solo recital by mainly women.
Kerala, the land of charity, is rich in folk-culture, visual arts and festivals. Different religions, groups and communities in their historical evolution have subscribed to the growth of a dreamlike panorama of dance and visual art forms in this region.
Theeyattom is a ritual art of Kerala performed as a devotional offering to gods and goddess.Kerala has a rich tradition of artist rituals associated with worship of Devi (GodMother) in the form of Bhadrakali.
Dance forms are an integral part of the tradition and culture of Kerala. Be it an expression of emotion or depicting the scenes of Hindu mythology
This is a popular form of social entertainment among the Muslim community of Kerala prevalent all over, especially in the northern districts of Canaonore, Calicut and Malappuram
Ottamthullal, over the centuries, has a (mostly) single actor, donning a green make-up and wearing colourful costumes
Kerala is renowned for its varied martial arts. The important amongst them are Kalaripayattu, Parisa Kali and Velakali