An ornithologist’s favorite and India’s National Bird, now has a sanctuary for itself, at a Government sanctuary ‘Choolanoor’, in the district of Palakkad in South India. The sanctuary is located at about 30 kms from Palakkad Town, accessible by road and a trek by foot of about one hour should get you there.

This Peacock sanctuary, an extent of 500 hectares of land is well guarded by Forest Conservation officials, home to about 2000 birds and is a revelling stage for a glimpse of one of nature’s most captivating creation in its natural habitat. As is the case with most animal species, the ‘peacock’ known for it’s dazzling array of quills, is far more illustrious when compared to the ‘peahen’,its female counterpart, ironically is also facing a greater threat of extinction due to the price it’s quills fetch.

Among the variety of peacocks seen across Asia, the ones in South India have the distinction of being larger with more colourful and radiant quills. It is advisable to visit the spot early during the day and is the ideal period to observe the birds in action. However, the slightest distraction can disrupt the entire endeavour, hence an approach with stealth should help in making the most of your camera.
The sanctuary also fosters hundreds of other varieties of birds, has a thriving vegetation of medicinal plants and is a typical self sustaining tropical rainforest.

Nearest Railway station : Palakkad
Nearest Airports :Coimbatore Airport 40 km. and Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery -160 km