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K Thrivikrama Kurup

Once on my vacation to my home town chengannur in Kerala, I found a CD in my father’s desk, loaded with lot of information about Kerala. Places, palaces, beaches, food, festivals, travel and all. It was in .html format designed artistically with links, drop downs and searches with key words. This was a surprise. My father tried to explore Kerala deep. He is the architect of ‘Kerala Kavadam’ (meaning Gateway of Kerala). He would have worked over Years on this with no commercial intentions. So, I found it after several years and decided to put it on to web.

There is much more about Keralam that we indent to showcase. ‘ An Evolving Spicy Land ‘ befitting the tag “God’s own country”. Otherwise, whose wisdom would have worked other than that of the God’s, for this tiny chilly strip of land with a wide grid of rivers, guarded by the mighty Ghats in the east and the long west coastal line of Arabian Sea, with four International Airports and more Seaports that curated a literate, creative and adaptive community at par with any global standards.

Achen liked it.